Do You Know Your Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE)?

Most people get frustrated with attempting to gain muscle or bulking only to find out that they are spinning their wheels.

Even worse is trying to lose weight by eating healthy and working out harder than EVER with no success over periods of months!

The best starting point and the most accurate STARTING POINT calculator I have found and personally use is the Mifflin-St Jeor formula multiplied by your activity level below:

Mifflin-St Jeor formula

(4.526 x bodyweight in lbs) + (15.88 x height in inches) - ((5 x age) + 5)

Once you calculate this, multiply that number by the following:

1.2 if you work out 1-3 hrs/week
1.35 if you work out 3-6 hrs/week
1.5 if you workout 6+ hours/ week

This will give you a very close starting point and what this means is that in theory all else perfect if you eat this amount in calories per day you will neither gain weight nor lose weight.

If you are looking to gain muscle add 300-500 calories, if you are looking to lose fat subtract 300-500 calories.

It will fluctuate per person based on metabolism and all sorts of other things but the only way to truly know is by tracking your calories and weight for a period of time to determine accurately what YOUR TDEE is!

Once you have this “magic number” you can achieve any physical fitness goal you desire when you mix it with discipline!

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