I want to give you the “secret recipe” to guarantee success physically and nutritionally to reach any physical fitness goal that you have with 100% odds.

Just like anything in life, if we have no desire to make an apple pie, we will never look up the recipe for apple pie.

So ask yourself the following questions:

1. Do you know your TDEE?
2. Do you know the macronutrient proportions of your TDEE?
3. Do you know the optimal times to eat these proportions for your fitness goals?
4. Do you know your “Magic Number”
5. Do you track your calories?
6. Do you meal plan?
7. Are you following a fitness regimen that aligns your goals with the workouts?
8. Are you disciplined?

I want you to take inventory starting with the first question and ask yourself if you know the answer and are currently following a regimen. If you get to a question that you don’t know or are not currently doing, before moving forward take the time to do a little research on the topic. Build upon the foundation to achieve whatever it is that you desire!

You must understand that your physical capabilities that you reach are in exact proportion to the effort you put into it! There are no secrets! All of the information you need is readily available everywhere you look!

And finally, at the end of the day nothing hard worth achieving is possible without discipline. But I strongly feel that if you have the steps necessary to achieve your goals and believe in it 100%, discipline comes with ease!

If you want to know about how to calculate your TDEE, check out this article

I will be posting more info on the remaining questions in the coming week!

Stay safe and stay disciplined!